Printable cigarette coupons

Printable Cigarette Coupons

You already know you can get your cigarettes online at great savings, but what if you’ve run out and want to buy cigarettes right now? Did you know that printable cigarette coupons can reduce your cost, even at retail outlets? It takes a little work to find a site that’s useful for you, but once you’ve found the printable cigarette coupons that you need, big savings are yours for the clicking.

You have to have some patience when searching for cigarette coupons, but the rewards can be worth it. Some sites offer coupons that are only redeemable in a specific area. You might have some trouble finding coupons for the brand you prefer. Printable Cigarette Coupons Can Save You Up to Ten Dollars a Carton

Coupons tend to be ephemeral, so if you prefer to buy your cigarettes from a brick-and-mortar store rather than online, it’s a good idea to run a search every few days. The value of coupons ranges from fifty cents or a dollar off a single pack to five or ten dollars off a carton. That’s enough to make the search worthwhile, especially if you can combine your coupon with a store special.

Printable cigarette coupons are likely to become more widely available as new legislation passes to remove the tax advantage from buying cigarettes online. New York State has already passed a bill that prevents online smoke shops from shipping to New York addresses, as of June 18th. Pity the poor New York City smoker, whose cigarettes already run at about $7.50 a pack! And if you don’t want this to happen to you, write your Congressman.

Printable cigarette coupons are not abundant. Although they are out there, the most common form is discounts via snail mail. If you don’t care how you get your cig discount, you just want to save money, this article is for you. It may not be good for you, but at least you can save money in the process. Here you will find multiple ways to find regular and printable cigarette coupons for your next tobacco purchase.


1. Sign up at to receive printable cigarette coupons for many different brands. They include: Winston, Doral, Camel, Kool, and more. In fact, they will send you $20 in discounts.

2. Visit for $20 in printable cigarette coupons from this brand. Of course, like the others, you must sign up and verify that you are of legal age, but then you get a huge savings.

3. Click on the link that says “Ask for a $20 gift certificate” once you are signed up. This way you don’t wonder aimlessly through the site looking for printable cigarette coupons.

4. Get $20 additional printable cigarette coupons for Camel brand by visiting Then, click “Sign up” in the bottom left hand corner blue box. Not only will you get offers and discounts through your email, they will also send you some by mail.

More printable cigarette coupons can be acquired from

Shawls: perfect as a “multi-present”

Shawls: Perfect as a “Multi-present”

Haven’t you noticed how your friend’s face frustratingly reacted after opening your present?  You may not want to hear her comment after you leave her house? Aren’t you tired of how conventional you become every time you repeatedly give what you have given before? In your part you may not, but your friends definitely are. We must admit it, looking for a perfect present is really hard especially when you know that the recipient of your gift is quite meticulous and is hard to please but it doesn’t mean that you need to stick to one particular gift that you will be giving over and over again. The idea sucks. How would you define a perfect gift? It comes from the heart? Definitely it should. As the gift sender we try to give the best gift for us to be remembered, so how will we be remembered, what gift is worth remembering? It may appear to be a joke to some but shawls are described to be one of the best gifts that one can give for the reason that it very functional and the effort exerted by the giver is more appreciated. Shawls are perfect “multi-present”, left in quotation so that everyone can make their own connotation. Multi-present in a sense that it can be given to everyone, it doesn’t set any limit whether it’s for the males or for the females and literally it can be given to several persons for the fact that it does not bring the weight of a price tag. Though there are expensive shawls, stores offering wholesale shawls exist in the market showing that it is indeed affordable.

What to look for a shawl? There is the expensive one and the affordable one, both varies but if you are after multiple gifts giving, wholesale shawls are very ideal.

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